I Have a Gripe

November 18, 2009

Mistaking “Nice” for “Pushover”

Filed under: Manipulation — alvb1227 @ 12:23 pm

It is amazing to me how many people mistake being nice for being a pushover…

It seems like today if you are nice or easy-going people think they can just get away with whatever they want and you’ll take it. Why? Because you’re “nice.” The moment you get your back up and have to fight or defend yourself or a situation, you’re “so mean” or “so bitchy” (my personal favorite). It is amazing to me how much people try to get away with, and are then surprised, when you stand up for yourself.

Whether it is the phone company, the car dealership or just a co-worker, some people are good at playing “the victim,” knowing full well they are working to manipulate the situation.

My advice? Call them out on it! Don’t let someone play the victim when they are far from it. You don’t have to yell or even lose your temper. Simply say “you aren’t the victim here, you are in the wrong.” Be calm. It will freak them out.

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