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November 20, 2009

Keep Your Opinions Off My Boobs!

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OK, this one has really burned my pan…

The U.S. Preventative Services Tasks Force is now recommending that women not have mammograms until age 50.  As an added bonus, they also feel that breast self-exam is a waste.

Let’s forget for a minute that this Task Force doesn’t include one single breast specialist, gynecologist or oncologist. Are my friends who are diagnosed at a young age not worth anything? Are their lives not worth saving? And why we’re on the subject, why aren’t digital mammograms not the standard? The Task Force refers to the point of “false positives.” Well, maybe they wouldn’t happen as much if digital mammograms were used, especially for younger women who have more dense breast tissue.

I really wonder if this is a small example of what will happen under a “federally managed health care option.” Um, can anyone say health care rationing?

I volunteer with a wonderful organization called Casting for Recovery. We take breast¬† cancer survivors on fly fishing retreats. I have to say that meeting these wonderful women has drastically changed my life. Some of these women are my best friends and I value every one of them. I dare you to come tell me their lives don’t matter!

I urge everyone to contact your Representative, the HHS and the U.S. Preventative Services Tasks Force and tell them their recommendations SUCK!

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