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January 19, 2010

Medical Marijuana Now Legal in New Jersey

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As of noon tomorrow, Jon Corzine will officially be history in New Jersey and Chris Christie will become our new Governor. While I have never been a fan of Gov. Corzine, he actually did one thing today that I agree should be law. He signed into state law the legal use of medical marijuana.

Now, I know many of you will be thinking I have lost my mind, but I do think the use of marijuana should be legalized. First, if someone is in serious pain and there is nothing else available to them, or they are terminally ill, I see no reason why anything that could be done to make them comfortable should be done.

Many also argue that marijuana is a “jump off” drug to other, harder illegal drugs. I disagree. I have known many that only smoke marijuana and have never moved on to a harder drug. If an individual has an addictive personality, it doesn’t matter what the vice is…drugs, smoking, alcohol, whatever.

I hate to quote a movie on this subject, but it makes sense. As in “The Godfather,” it should be “controlled like a business. It shouldn’t be sold to children and it shouldn’t be in schools.” If marijuana was legal, it could be controlled by the FDA, taxed and so on. It would ultimately greatly reduce the power of the Mexican drug cartels and save lives of our own ATF officers. Call me crazy, and yes, I know many conservatives will disagree with me, but I think this is a smart way to generate taxes, save lives and bring comfort to those who are seriously ill.


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