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February 7, 2010

The Price of Fame

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As the majority of the U.S. stops today for an “unofficial holiday” called the Super Bowl, one must stop and wonder what are these players really worth.

Peyton Manning has one year left on his contract and speculation is already starting about what his extension will be worth. A signing bonus of $50 million? A possible $22 million per year? Really? And that doesn’t count any endorsements he may have.

Now I’m not one to say we should limit anyone’s potential to earn a living, however isn’t this a little excessive? This is a big part of why the average fan can’t afford to attend a game. I watched on the news as senior citizens who have had Giants or Jets season tickets for decades are forced to give them up because in addition to the cost of the tickets for the games, there is now a “Personal Seat License” (PSL) with a price tag in the multiple thousands. This is why you see men in suits and ties at games sitting in corporate-owned seats instead of a father taking a son to his first football or baseball game.

And then there is the regularly reported embarrassing behavior of some of these players. Whether they like it or not, they are role models. Yet we hear over and over again about players getting arrested for weapons possession, domestic violence and more. We were all sickened by Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring, yet in his first year of eligibility, he’s snatched up by Philadelphia. Obviously, there are a lot of players who lead decent lives, work to give back something to their communities and stay under the radar of poor personal behavior.

I say the heroes and role models are the people we meet every day. The fire fighters, police officers and teachers. Those that are in the military putting their lives on the line keeping our country safe. The parents who work multiple jobs and sacrifice day after day so their children can have a better life than them.

Sports reporters talk about “the pressure” of the game. What about the pressure of going to a job you hate every day making way less than you should? So I ask while you watch the game today, remember who the real heroes and role models are and what they should be earning versus a guy who throws a ball.

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