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February 15, 2010

Sledding, Safety and Stupid Lawsuits

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As the country is deep into winter and New Jersey continues to get snowstorm after snowstorm, kids of all ages think of one fun event…sledding!

However, if you are in Montville, your sledding options have decreased after the town’s insurance carrier advised that sledding be banned on the hill at Camp Dawson – a favorite place for decades.

Why you may ask? Apparently a few injuries have occurred at the hill over the last few years with one ending in a $25,000 settlement after a young girl collided with a frozen hay bale while sledding and injuring her leg. This was the final straw that caused the town to shut down the hill and outlaw anyone sledding there.

I’m sorry, but this is downright stupid. Kids play, kids get hurt. Period. We all had our share of bumps and bruises growing up, but our parents told us to “shake it off” and didn’t look to blame others. If the parents were really going to make a stink about this, what about them not potentially watching their child? Maybe DYFUS should be called for possible neglect? Sounds ridiculous, right? Just as ridiculous as the parents suing perhaps?

We are now living in such a child-stile world and overly-litigious society that kids don’t know how to handle getting hurt, standing up for themselves or even failing a test. Every child isn’t “the best” and they need to learn that everyone falls down and everyone needs to get back up again, shake it off and press on. Maybe that sounds cold, but that’s the way life works.

The fact that this lawsuit even made it as far as the lawsuit and settlement phase is ridiculous. This is a perfect example of frivolous lawsuits jamming our courts and parents looking for money. So when my cousin did an “Evil Kenevil” impersonation by going off a ramp made from a garbage can, should my Aunt have sued the garbage can manufacturer? The same stupidity applies to this lawsuit. I even remember as a child sledding down a well-known hill in Branch Brook Park in Belleville and flying head-first into some car’s hubcap. Did my parents rush over, carry me back to the car and call the police to file a complaint? Hardly. They waited for me to get up, get my bearings and drag my sled back up the hill. I think I even have it on old 8mm film.

I hope that those who live in the neighborhood and know who these parents are and let them know how their greed ruined a fun place for generations past and generations to come.

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