I Have a Gripe

February 20, 2010

Hold That Tongue, Tiger

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OK, I am annoyed that I am even wasting my time with this, but like the blog says, “I have a gripe…”

Today Tiger Woods gave an apology/press conference regarding his numerous affairs. I did not see it, nor did I care to. In my opinion, this is a personal matter that should stay just that…personal. Yes, he has endorsements and is a celebrity, but I think we as a society on the whole is entirely too focused on celebrity. If he needs to make amends with his endorsement companies, then it is up to him to handle it with those companies.

When every major news show leads with this story and spends four or five minutes out of a 30 minute news show on this story, there is something seriously wrong. Does anyone know that the U.S. was working with the members of the U.N. Security Council on hard sanctions for Iran today? What about the interest rate increase? Not much time was devoted to those stories, that are far more important, in my opinion.

So I say to those who are overly-concerned with this whole Tiger mess, I say think about how important this really is in the grand scheme of life.

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