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February 25, 2010

Teachers and “Their Kids”

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“Those who can do; those who can’t teach.”

“What are the best parts of being a teacher? June, July and August.”

“My taxes pay your salary.”

We’ve all heard these sayings and maybe some of you have said them. In many ways, teachers are like fire fighters and police officers. People complain that their unions are too strong, that their benefits are too good and they are allowed to retire too young and become a burden on a state’s budget. However, when an emergency comes into play (like 9-11 or Columbine), these people are quick to jump into action without even thinking of their own safety.

Not far from from Columbine today, a math teacher quickly jumped into action when someone opened fire at the middle school where David Benke teaches. Due to his quick actions, only two students were injured and no one was killed. As we all know, this could have turned out much worse.

Most teachers provide their own school supplies, take the extra time to help the struggling student and often times teach to very overcrowded classrooms.

We have all been inspired by teachers along the way. If you think for a moment, I am sure you can think of one of two teachers (if not more) that really made an impact on you in your youth.

Are their poor teachers? Yes. Just like in any career choice, there are those who go above and beyond and there are a few that bring shame to those who go in everyday and exceed expectations. Many teachers refer to their students as “their kids.” They remember them through their entire career. Like I said in the beginning, being a teacher is like an officer or fire fighter. It isn’t just a job or career. It is their identity and life force.

So next time you or someone around you may have something to say about what you think a teacher isn’t doing right, remember their dedication both in the responsibility they have and to “their kids.”

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