I Have a Gripe

March 19, 2010

Healthcare Coming Down to the Wire

As Speaker Pelosi continues to bully and wrestle members of the House to vote for the proposed healthcare proposal, I want to give an example of the efficiency of the federal government by talking about…the census.

Why the census? I think you’ll understand as I explain…

In an effort to make the 2010 census as efficient as possible, approximately $600 million worth of hand-held computers so information collected can be sent and uploaded nightly for a state-of-the-art count.

Unfortunately, the hand-held units didn’t work properly. So, as a result, the decision has been made to go back to a paper-based system and completely scrap the portable computers. The new cost you ask? Between $2.2 billion and $3 billion (yes, that’s with a “b”) through fiscal year 2013. This will increase the overall cost of the census to $13.7 billion and $14.5 billion.

So, after wasting $600 million, we now have to shell out more tax dollars and revert to an extremely  manual paper-based system.

Now, let’s look at this for a minute, the federal government botched “cash for clunkers,” now they wasted millions on hand-held computers for the census. Does anyone else see the correlation?

Oh yeah, they can handle healthcare…no problem.


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