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April 4, 2010

Short-Sided Thinking in New York State

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In case I never mentioned it before, I love fly fishing. It one of those passions in my life that is hard to explain to those who don’t enjoy the outdoors, especially fishing.

Well, this past weekend was opening day in New York State, so Glenn and I headed up to one of our favorite places to enjoy some fishing…Roscoe, NY. This is a great little town where people stop and say hello to strangers and everyone talks about the big stonefly hatch. Like the Jersey shore towns in the summer, Roscoe survives on the fishing season.

This is why I was so shocked when an annual non-resident fishing license has increased by $30 to a whopping $70 a year! That means just to fish, my husband I spent $140 on licenses. To put this in perspective, we stayed in a great resort that had an opening day special for $120 per night. So our licenses cost more than one night’s stay.

Now, you may think I am just complaining about license fees, but I’m not. As usual, like most state governments, and our federal government, the New York State government has decided to raise fees on hunting and fishing licenses instead of belt tightening like many families are doing right now. I was chatting with the woman who was issuing the licenses told me multiple times she has had to cancel out the license and each time she would, she would make a note “canceled due to price increase.” She wants the state to see how many licenses are not purchased due to the new cost.

In my opinion, this is short-sided thinking. Ultimately, fewer people will purchase hunting and fishing licenses and ultimately, fewer people will visit towns like Roscoe. It is those towns this will hurt more than anyone. Fewer people will go to the Roscoe Diner for french toast, fewer people will visit the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum and Center, shop on the main street of Roscoe and stay at the small individually-owned hotels in the area. Like I said, it is the outdoors that keeps this town going. That’s why it is known as “Trout Town, USA.”

So, I say shame on New York State’s short-sided thinking. Not only will less license fees be collected, fewer taxes on hotel rooms, meals and impulse purchases will also be a result of this ridiculous increase.


  1. Sounds about par for the course. Kinda like how NJ Transit decided to up fares by 25% and cut service (though after the “feedback” they’re received, they may cancel these proposals or scale them back).

    Comment by Jason — April 5, 2010 @ 2:29 am | Reply

  2. This is a shame. NY would rather funnel the state’s collected money to the state’s various social programs supporting the ills of their downtrodden citizens. Consequently, someone has to pay for the deficit, and sportsmen and sportswomen have to cough up the fees necessary to support a conservation program. You see today, hunting and fishing is no longer a necessity for many, but a luxury of a sport many enjoy. And hunters and fishermen will always pay to partake in what they love. I just wish ONCE everyone would boycott and not pay. It may wake some people up in the big house upstate.

    Comment by Bo — April 11, 2010 @ 6:47 pm | Reply

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