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April 27, 2010

It isn’t an Immigrant Issue…It is an Illegal Immigrant Issue

So in the last few days, the Governor of Arizona signed a new law allowing the police to check on an individual’s immigration status based on suspicious behavior. This has sparked an uproar on both sides of the issue. Well, to steal a line from the President, “let me be perfectly clear” and say I completely agree with this law one hundred percent.

What people fail to realize is that this is not an immigration issue. This is an illegal immigration issue. It is the responsibility of the states and the nation to protect its legal citizens; first and foremost.  The fact that people such as illegals, the ACLU and others feel that we owe the same rights to these illegals as legal, taxpaying citizens I find completely unacceptable. I say absolutely not. Like many others, my family were made up of immigrants at one point and do you know what they did? They assimilated! They learned English, went to work, followed the laws of the land, became legal and worked to be a contributing part of the American society.

Some say this is racial profiling. Well, let’s think about this rationally. There are major issues with drugs, kidnappings, murders and so on coming over the border from Mexico into the United States. Well, I don’t see any Ukrainians coming through the Mexican border with pot strapped to their legs or killing ranchers coming over the border illegally. Who are they? Mexicans! That isn’t a profile, that’s a fact. Others say that because I am white I don’t understand what it is to be pulled over and questioned by police. Well, wrong again. I have been pulled over and questioned in the past for absolutely no reason. One time as recently as a few weeks ago. So, that holds no water with me either.

Still others ask about violating the civil rights of these illegals. I ask back what about my civil rights as an American citizen?

The fact that we are providing these individuals with medical care, jobs, education and so-on is highly offensive to me. I am a legal, law abiding tax payer and should not have to support these people on my dime. Especially considering the current fiscal state of this nation.

This issue has been going on for decades. I didn’t agree with President Reagan when he gave amnesty during his tenure as President, I didn’t agree with the lack of action during Presidents Clinton and Bush and I am certainly concerned with what our current President may do regarding this issue. He’s stayed out of it up until this point, do the country a favor and continue to stay out of it. Respect state’s rights for once and stay out of it President Obama.

I give kudos to Jan Brewer for having the guts to put this bill into law and take into the state’s hands an issue of national security the United States government has failed to handle.

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  1. In fact, the law isn’t even about racial profiling, which is expressly forbidden by the terms of the act. It merely enforces federal law. And no one can be questioned about their immigration status if they haven’t already been pulled over legally. The officer must have “reasonable suspicion” (that you’ve committed a traffic offense or some other law) to pull you over, and then “reasonable suspicion” that you’re an illegal alien. It disgusts me how Obama and the press have deliberately misrepresented the law.

    Comment by Jason — April 30, 2010 @ 1:34 am | Reply

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