I Have a Gripe

May 8, 2010

See Something, Say Something

This past week there was a terrorism scare in New York City at the famed Times Square. Thanks to two observant street vendors (and veterans), a quick moving investigation by the NYPD, FBI and I am sure lots of others we will never hear about arrested a suspect just days later. This taught the entire country the NYC mantra – see something, say something.

It is important to alert authorities if you see something that looks questionable or suspicious. I have actually reported two suspicious items since 9-11; one was just a few a weeks ago. I was getting on the 33rd Street PATH when I saw a bag without an owner. I couldn’t find anyone, so when I arrived in Hoboken, I found an officer and a PATH worker and told them exactly what I saw and where I saw it. They thanked me for reporting it and said they would dispatch someone to investigate. I’m sure it was nothing because I never heard anything on the news, but it was still important to report what I saw.

Another time I was driving home on Rt. 280 when I saw a large drum upright in the median. I hadn’t seen it the day before, so I pulled over and called the local police to explain what I saw. They transferred me to the New Jersey State Troopers so I can report what I saw. I started with the explanation, “I’m not a nut, but there is something on Rt. 280 that wasn’t there yesterday.” They told me not to feel like “a nut” and thanked me for reporting the information.

So, in the end, I hope everyone follows the advice of the NYPD and if you see something, say something!

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