I Have a Gripe

May 23, 2010

Princeton’s Immigration Policy

Today, Princeton Borough and Princeton Township, NJ implemented their own version of an immigration policy by providing members of the “Princeton community” the opportunity to purchase an identification card. The best part? This ID card will be provided regardless of immigration status. This card will allow illegal immigrants to get a library card, cash checks and yes, even get health care. While this is not an official form of government identification, the police feel that these cards will help them do their job.

Now, many say that Arizona’s law will promote racial profiling. The ID cards are a project through the Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund. So my question is, if people are so worried about racial profiling against Hispanics, why is a Hispanic organization sponsoring this project?

I am far from a legal scholar, but why is it objectionable for Arizona to develop an immigration policy to deal with a massive problem, but Princeton is essentially developing their own immigration policy that welcome’s illegals? I’m sorry, but I find this highly offensive. Why are we welcoming people whose very presence is against the law? Hundreds of thousands of people come to this country legally every year. Why should these people be allowed to have the same, or in some cases more, resources as those who are following all the right steps and legal channels? I say absolutely not.

I would like to know when are going to stop thinking if we are just “nice” to the entire world, then the entire world will finally like us. When did we as a nation become so wimpy that we allow the President of another country come to our Congress and complain about a law and get a standing ovation from part of our representatives?

President Calderone, have you read your country’s immigration policy recently? Maybe you should review your policies before you throw rocks in the glass house. If you were able to keep your country in order, your residents wouldn’t be leaving in droves. In reality, we as a nation should be billing you to take all these Mexican nationals on! Think about that.


  1. Sweet deal–come to the country illegally and you get free healthcare, social security, and in some states, even a drivers license.

    Comment by Jason — May 25, 2010 @ 8:44 pm | Reply

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