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June 7, 2010

Helen Thomas “Retires” After Six Decades

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After six decades, Helen Thomas has “retired” from political journalism following controversial remarks made about how Israel should “get the Hell out of Palestine.”

Now I have thought for ages she should be out of that special seat in that White House press room, but I guess those in the press corps respected her history covering the Executive Branch of the federal government. I remember her being quite rude to Presidents Bush and President-Elect Clinton in the Oval Office regarding President Bush meeting with Clinton prior to him taking office. Clinton was trying to be gracious saying he appreciated Bush (Sr.) taking the time to me with him; that he didn’t have to do it. She blurts out “yes, he does.” I tried to find video of it and wasn’t able to; I’ll keep looking.

While initially I was happy that she was finally given the boot (let’s face it, she was forced to retire), I can’t help but feel sad for her. She was the first serious female journalist to cover the White House and broke the journalism glass ceiling for thousands of women who want to work in journalism (like me). She was the first female president of the White House Correspondents’ Association and the first female officer of the National Press Club. She was respected enough that even after she began to work at Hearst as a columnist, she still held the front and center seat at all press briefings. From all that greatness, she has turned into a bitter old woman who should’ve legitimately retired about two decades ago.

Instead she will be remembered more for her dumb comments on camera at the end of her career, instead of her amazing, ground-breaking life in the world of national political journalism. So, yes, I am sad.


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