I Have a Gripe

August 14, 2010

Obama, the Secret Service and Seaside Heights

This past week, the Secret Service paid a visit to Lucky Leo’s in Seaside Heights regarding a game with a caricature of President Obama. In the game, the different life-size caricatures are holding plates and people get to throw balls at them to try to break the plates.

Many complained that having President Obama as part of the game is in poor taste and it could “encourage” individuals to try to hurt the president.

Ultimately, the game owner caved and replaced President Obama. With who you might ask? President Bush. They also included Hillary Clinton to show they were “balanced.”

Now, I ask, why is it OK to remove President Obama and replace him with President Bush? If the game is in poor taste, why is the replacement of one President with another? And why is that acceptable to the Secret Service? And doesn’t the Secret Service have more important things to do?

Just another one of those things that makes you go hmmmmm.


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