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August 21, 2010

Fishing Licenses ARE Important!

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Don’t remember if I ever mentioned it here before, but I am quite the avid fly angler. I fish with my husband whenever we have some spare time. From ponds, to streams, to lakes to rivers…we love them all!

Now why am I telling you all this? Because the last few times I have been fishing, the only individuals I have seen displaying fishing licenses are the other anglers I know.

NJ Fishing License Information…

“Anyone age 16 and older must have a valid license (see Exceptions) to fish the fresh waters of New Jersey with handline, rod and line, or longbow and arrow. This includes privately owned lakes and other waters. New Jersey does not require a general saltwater fishing license but there are a limited number of saltwater licenses and permits required.”

What are the exceptions you may ask? Anyone younger than 16, older than 70 or farmers and family members that live on a farm do not need a license to fish on their farm, but must obey all fishing regulations.

While some complain about the cost of the different licenses are too high, they have no problem complaining when fish stocking is reduced or state parks have reduced hours or are closed completely. I also know some that copy their license from year to year and just adjust the year to avoid paying the license fee each year. Well, where you do think those funds come from???

So, I say suck it up, teach your kids how to follow the laws and buy a fishing license. And while you are at it, trying following “catching and release” laws.

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