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September 15, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque Location

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I want to say up front I am not a racist Islamaphobe. I know Muslims and have no problem with them or their religion. Just like in every religion, there are good people and there are evil people. Everyone has a faith in something – even those who do not have a specific religion. Shockingly, I do, however, have a fairly strong opinion about the location of the Ground Zero Mosque.

This week while speaking at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York City, the Imam had challenged the idea that the location should not be considered “sacred ground,” citing OTB and strip locations nearby. He did say he is looking for a way to “diffuse” the situation and that “all options are on the table.”

We all know that the only way to “diffuse” this issue for the majority of Americans (over 70%) is to move the location further away. Period. What I didn’t know until just a few days ago is that body parts from the collapse of the World Trade Center were found just steps away from that location. It was well documented that one of the engines from one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center fell through the roof of the building. To me, that’s the answer right there.

Does that make it “sacred ground?” Honestly, I prefer the term “hallowed ground,” meaning honored, greatly revered and respected, according to its definition. I think that better defines the location.

I also argue to the Imam that yes, there are strip clubs and OTB locations. However, last time I checked strippers and gamblers didn’t kill almost 3,000 people less than 500 feet away from that location. Muslim terrorists did.

The Imam’s wife, Daisy Khan, has also been arguing in favor of that specific location and working hard to dodge the tough questions. I say to her, how wonderful it is that she lives in a country where she can speak her mind, not have to wear a burka, not have to walk behind your husband and even have the ability to walk without her husband altogether. Our heroic United States soldiers and private citizens, and the hated President Bush and his wife Laura, have worked tirelessly to bring rights to women around the world, that is often not the case in many nations in the Middle East.

In my humble opinion, this entire debate has not “built bridges” to steal a line from the Imam. It has been a major detractor. The moment this location was labeled the “Ground Zero Mosque,” it was going to bring a variety of feelings to the surface for many. And the fact that they wanted the official opening of this Mosque to open on the 10th anniversary of 9-11 is nothing short of a sharp stick in the eye.

Everyone who knows me will agree I am pretty much not politically correct. I often suffer from “gumball syndrome.” Thoughts go from my brain to my mouth (or my fingers) like a gumball machine. However, this one, I’m sorry, but I think I am saying what many are thinking. This is insensitive, pure and simple. His comments regarding “the entire world is watching” and his “concerns” over what will happen if the Mosque isn’t built is nothing short of a threat. I truly question this Imam what his true motives are and if he really wants to build bridges. And yes, Imam, me, a woman, is questioning you.

Welcome to America…


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