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September 25, 2010

Waiting for Superman? How About the Parents?

“It’s important to support and empower teachers as well as hold them and others accountable for results.” ~Newark Mayor Cory Booker

As many of you know, I use this a mainly a download spot for my brain. I try to be eloquent when I can and always look to make a point. Well today my friends, I am seething. I am angry. I am upset. I can’t even truly put into words how I feel.

In my last post, I spoke of the $100 million donation from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerber to the city of Newark in New Jersey. This is on the heels of a documentary-style movie just released called “Waiting for Superman.”

Now, I will fully admit I have not seen the movie, however, it has been the talk of every news show this weekend. From what I saw on the news, it does not paint teachers and the teacher’s unions in a positive light.

I also mentioned in my previous post that my husband is a 24-year school teacher. When I hear teachers bashed, I take it personally. Maybe I shouldn’t, but I do.

Are there bad teachers? Definitely. Are there even more that are great? Absolutely!

Teachers (like my husband) spend many hours before school, after school, weekends and more preparing lessons, tutoring students and more. And lets not forget the money teachers spend out of their own pocket providing supplies and equipment for their students and their classrooms. I send my husband with a large bags of supplies to school throughout the school year. We do the layouts for his concert programs and have even paid for their photocopying out of our pocket some years, which is not cheap, I can tell you.

Teachers take their job seriously. They do all they can to make their classroom a positive and safe place for their students; or as my husband calls them, “my kids.”

Oh, and let’s not forget how since Columbine, teachers are expected to be ready to protect their students from crazed gunmen. That is all too forgotten in my opinion.

Teachers are educators, ministers, disciplinarians, psychologists…and yes, all to often, parents.

So this is why I get more than steamed when I hear people saying teachers are the problem. I would like to ask, how about the parents? All too often, parents are too busy to check homework, attend parent-teacher conferences, back to school night or other school events. It is not the responsibility of the school system to become the parent. If adults decide to have children, they need to understand the serious commitment it is. I have seen this first-hand. Parents drop their kids at the school door and that’s where the school should take over. And God-forbid a teacher does try to intercede? The parent will quickly file a complaint or sue.

Should teachers be held responsible? Yes. What about the involvement of parents? What about support from the school administration? This should be a collective effort, not a blame game.

Unions have their place, but I am the first to admit they need to become a better partner in the process. In my opinion, unions have not changed with the times. They were great to protect employees from abusive companies, however, they need to better define their role in today’s education system, as well as all other industries they represent.

So, as I said, I am truly angry. Teachers work damn hard and I will not sit idly by and listen to the masses bash them.


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