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October 15, 2010

Who is the Next GOP Star?

While the mid-term elections are still a few weeks away, many are starting to think about who in the GOP will be strong enough to go up against the President in 2012.

Now, let’s think about this. Even though the President’s numbers are dropping, he still has this “rock star” quality. He is young, a minority with a great life story overcoming many challenges in his life, has cute kids and a very popular wife. Not since the Kennedy White House has there been this “perfect family” feel. He is also charismatic, a great orator (as long as he has his teleprompter in tow) and is media savvy. Whether we like it or not, in today’s media-rich world, you have to have a love affair with the camera and the media as a whole. The GOP needs a rock star.

In the previous Presidential election, McCain just didn’t have it. As soon as it came down to Obama or Clinton, I knew we were screwed. Let’s think about this, an old white guy, the first serious female candidate or the first serious minority candidate? The decision was obvious. The GOP wasn’t going to win.

I have been mulling this over for awhile and I’ve come up with a list of potential candidates. Some I like, some I don’t.

Sarah Palin: Whether you like her or not, she can definitely energize the base, raise money and draw serious crowds. Unfortunately, she also seems to be very polarizing. The mainstream media hates her and you can forget support from the NOW. In my humble opinion, she should focus more on possibly becoming the head of the GOP as opposed to the head of the free world.

Bobby Jindal: Now, this guy, I like. Even though he didn’t do well delivering the GOP response after the State of the Union, he came off as very strong leader during the Gulf oil crisis. Way stronger than Obama. He is young, has experience in the Executive branch of government, unlike Obama in 2008, he served in his state government and in 2008, he was ranked as one of the most popular Governors at 77 percent. He is the son of immigrants, providing a great life story, even delivering one of his children at home when there was no time to get to the hospital. He is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Mike Huckabee: I really like this guy. I supported him in the last Presidential election and was very sorry when he dropped out. I love his ideas on the flat tax. He also has executive experience as Arkansas’ Governor, again, another skill Obama sorely lacked. I believe he is true of heart and comes from a solid family upbringing. Sadly, I don’t think he will ever get a fair shot due to his conservative views (he was a Minister) and think he would make a better running-mate than the head honcho on the ticket.

Mitt Romney: I have to be honest, I can’t stand him. He is way too slick for me and reminds me more of a used car salesman than a President. He comes from a wealthy background, which I don’t think bodes well these days when trying to understand “the common man.” I believe his missionary work is certainly laudable, but I don’t think it is enough, especially that he did it in France instead of some poor third-world country, or even a tough city in the U.S., like his hometown Detroit.

Condoleezaa Rice: I would LOVE to see her run. She has the complete package. A great life story, excellent foreign policy experience and no real “controversies” in her history that I know of. She is a professor, an accomplished musician, a diplomat, incredibly intelligent, a woman and a minority. She would be a formidable opponent. The only “issue” I can think of is that the Dems might claim the GOP would “use her” to offset the minority-status of the President, as well as being a female to offset Hillary Clinton, in case she decides to make another run, which I believe is a serious possibility. She doesn’t believe in affirmative action, an opinion I personally love and Barbara Boxer doesn’t like her, which to me is a plus. Let’s face it, she is one tough cookie!

John McCain: Forget it. Moving on…

Cory Booker: Yeah, yeah, I know. He is a Dem. But I would love to see him “switch sides” and run on the GOP ticket. He has worked hard to bring Newark from the depths of despair and I believe is true to his word. A rarity in politics.

Chris Christie: I don’t know about 2012, but I could definitely see him trying for a run in the future. As a Jersey-girl and the wife of a teacher, I have mixed feelings on this one. In Jersey, you are used to an “in your face” attitude, but I don’t know how it would bode in the Bible belt or the Midwest. Only time will tell on this one.

This is sort of my GOP “watch list.” Personally, I would like to see a ticket of Rice and Huckabee. I think they would provide a great balance of opinions. Rice/Jindal would be a solid ticket as well. Rice has been starting to come back to the public eye recently, which makes me think she could be considering a run. Only time will tell…

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  1. Well thought out! I’m partial to the Bobby Jindal idea (possibly with Huckabee?) I love Condy Rice, as well — but find myself what she’s doing at the White House today… Any combination of these three would be worth fighting for.

    Comment by Joe_NewYork — October 15, 2010 @ 3:25 pm | Reply

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