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November 22, 2010

Breaking News: Which is Right?

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So I signed up for both CNN and Fox News “alerts” a long time ago. They are simply a one-line breaking news story synopsis with a link to the complete article on their website. I received an alert from each news organization today with information regarding the same story. Each had a different twist:

CNN: — Ingmar Guandique convicted of first-degree murder in 2001 death of D.C. intern Chandra Levy.

Fox News: Jury convicts illegal immigrant of murdering congressional intern Chandra Levy.

As I said; same story, two very different ways of reporting.

If you look at the CNN alert, it fails to mention Ingmar Guandique is here illegally, as well as simply referring to Chandra Levy as a “D.C. Intern.” If you look at the alert from Fox News, it doesn’t mention the Guandique’s name and the year of the murder.

Obviously, the fact that one didn’t include the year of the murder and the other doesn’t mention that she was a Congressional Intern is hardly the point here. Personally, the fact that this murderer is here illegally is an important part of the story. Possibly CNN didn’t want to further politicize the story further by bringing a very charged issue into the alert, keeping the focus on the poor woman that was murdered. It goes without saying, I am just guessing here.

Personally, I think the fact that this dirt bag is here illegally is an important fact. If he wasn’t here, this woman would still be alive and her parents wouldn’t be grieving for their daughter.

I just found it interesting. I would like very much to hear your thoughts.

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