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January 24, 2011

The Real Story About New Jersey’s State Pensions

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As of late, it has become very fashionable to beat up on state employees, their unions and so on. Especially in New Jersey. Now, while I am not a huge fan of the union establishment, I will stand up for those public servants just about every time.

There is an important story that is not being told about the New Jersey pension system “issue” and I feel it is important to get this information out. For close to a quarter century, the state government has been using the pension system as their own personal piggy bank.

From NakedCapitalism.com:

“Governor Chris Christie skipped the required $3.1 billion pension fund contribution last year. He claimed this move was to force reform, but what impact does another $3.1 billion failure to pay have on an unfunded liability that was already over $50 billion?”

Now, it isn’t any secret that Christie has been gunning for the teacher’s union and their membership since his candidacy. I really what to know what a teacher did to him as as kid. Personally, I think Christie is turning into a one-trick-pony: beating up the teachers of this great state.

I am disgusted by those who make it sound so easy to just cut benefits because these state employees are lazy and looking for handouts. I ask if any of these individuals have ever walked into a classroom? Anyone remember Columbine? Pulled over a car unsure if the officer will be shot? I highly doubt it. Despite what some believe, these are not easy jobs.

Are there bad teachers, police and other state employees? Sure. Just like there are bad private sector employees. However, I do believe the large majority of them are good people who go into public work to truly serve their communities. Like I said, these are not easy jobs.

So, while those are finding it fashionable to follow Christie’s rhetoric and beat up on the NJEA and teachers, I ask you really think about who really started us all down this slippery slope.

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