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January 31, 2011

NJ Considers Dumping Snow in Rivers – Bad Idea!

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Over the weekend I saw a report that several towns in NJ have asked the DEP for permission to dump plowed snow into NJ different rivers, like the Hackensack, because there is just no where left to put it. I have two words: ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Some of New Jersey’s rivers have pollution issues already. If the DEP grants these requests, it will just make things worse. Let’s remember, it isn’t just snow, it is salt and other chemicals mixed in that are used to reducing icing on the roadways. This would further degrade an already bruised ecosystem. Plus all the gravel, oil and other garbage that is collected during snow removal.

What makes this even worse is that several of the riverkeepers in NJ appear to have no issue with this request, saying things like “All of that salt is going to reach the rivers anyway when it melts.” Wow, way to protect the waters you are charged with caring for on a daily basis.

I urge the DEP to deny these requests. Why not throw the snow on the local town football fields? They won’t be in use for months.

They used to dump plowed snow in the Passaic River on a regular basis and look at it now. Shameful. Simply shameful.

Why not consider each county purchasing a snow melter that could be a shared resource? That would both help eliminate the large piles of snow, but help remove impurities as well.

People complain that Jersey is the butt-end of a lot of jokes. Well, how about now allowing this to happen so the rest of our state looks a little less like the industrial areas people see in and out of Newark Airport? That would be a good start.

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