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February 24, 2011

Christie’s Proposed Budget Pits Neighbor Against Neighbor

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So earlier this week Governor Christie released his proposed budget. Now that my headache has dulled and my eye has stopped twitching, I can now give my opinion. In two words: it stinks.

The Governor has successfully pitted neighbor against neighbor by tying tax cuts to more give-backs by state employees. Now, regardless of which side of the fence you are on, I think I can make some solid arguments, so I ask you hear me out.

First, I believe most reasonable teachers, police officers, EMTs, fire fighters and the like understand that they need to make contributions for their long-term healthcare. However, what Gov. Christie is asking for is completely unreasonable. Thirty percent? In one year? I’m sorry, but that is not realistic. Just like other “non-union” families, the economy has hit union families hard and many are barely hanging on. This would certainly put them over the edge of financial stability.

Many who do not do these jobs complain how “easy” they have it by either not working the summer, writing tickets unnecessarily, or my personal favorite comment I have ever read, “he never pulled his weapon,” have no idea what is involved in serving and protecting New Jersey communities.

What politicians have done successfully is create a civil-war-like atmosphere across the state, and now, across the nation.

In a previous post, I discussed what unions have done for the working public at large. Now, unions have added to the trouble, but right now, I believe it is Gov. Christie who is creating the large majority of animosity.

Now, in the interest of fairness, I supported and voted for Christie after Steve Lonegan lost in the primary. I agreed with a number of the plans Christie had for the state at the time of his candidacy. Since then, he has turned into a one-trick-pony in my opinion – beating up on state workers, and more specifically, teachers.

Some may say, “he has never specifically gone after teachers; just their union,” and that is true. However, his constant barrage has trickled down into general hostility towards teachers. If this keeps up, people will not want to do these jobs. Where will that leave our state then?

Ultimately, I think everyone needs to take a deep breath, go back to their corners and regroup. Come back with some realistic and sensible solutions that can work for everyone. Because in my opinion, this budget surely isn’t it.

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