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August 11, 2012

Doesn’t Smell Like Team Spirit

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Unlike towns like Paterson during last year’s flooding, Denville didn’t receive a lot of press coverage. Well, Denville fought back hard. And with the re-opening of Sergio’s, their rebuilding is complete. Denville is back and I congratulate their hard work.

I often encourage my fellow Jerseyans to shop in Denville. If you have never been, it is an adorable little town with great shopping in their main town center that are almost exclusively independently owned and operated. From Nonna’s Yarn Cafe to Denville Dairy to Mara’s – these are great small businesses that provide wonderful goods and services.

What helped to bring Denville back? A sense of team spirit. The true meaning of the word community. Those business owners worked hard to claim back their businesses and many of us were ready to spend in their businesses to help support them and get that local taste we all missed.

Well, it is safe to say it doesn’t smell like team spirit in Denville anymore.

Today, I went to run a few errands and do some shopping in Denville – mainly to pick up lunch at Sergio’s – and decided to make a quick stop in Restyle Renew to see what was new when I encountered this:


This is the parking lot behind 5 East Main Street, next to the building that houses Mara’s and Restyle and Renew. Of course, I had to know what was up. The parking lot bouncer informed me she was there to make sure only people who were going to the businesses in 5 East Main Street parked in those spaces. When I attempted to gain more information about who hired her to stand back there, all she would say is that it is “private parking for the businesses in that building.” As you can see, they are really bringing in the customers:


Private parking? Yes, technically. I have heard off and on that the businesses in the 5 East Main Street building are mad that Mara’s is so popular, so this is how they have decided to fight back. Well, I would remind those businesses that it is rare someone goes to a town center to visit one store alone. I went down the street to the lot and parked my car to walk to Restyle and Renew. I also visited That Bead Place before walking over to Sergio’s to pick up lunch.


Sign you see as you enter the parking lot behind 5 East Main Street, Denville.

So, I made a note of the businesses in that building, which include The Second Half, Herb Tealight, Yama Sushi, Dance for Life, Family Eyecare, Plaza Cleaners, King’s Palace, Serene, Asian Island, and Ce Ci Nails, to name a few. I plan on NOT patronizing those businesses. If they learn to play well with others, then my dollars will return to those businesses.

I urge those of you who shop in Denville to do the same.

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