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June 25, 2017

The Plastic Predicament

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I am keenly aware that every item I throw in the garbage will end up in a landfill somewhere. I do what I can do keep trash to a minimum. Now I am not the type of person that doesn’t buy toilet paper because it is wrapped in plastic, but I do my best to make sure as much as possible in my home gets recycled, reused, donated, or upcycled.

Enter the plastic bag.

American BeautyPlastic plays an important role in our society. Plastic tubing and and syringes are used by the medical profession.  I loved the plastic bag scene from “American Beauty,” but I. Hate. Plastic.

Nothing bugs me more than when I leave Shop Rite or Target and see a shopping cart filled with plastic bags.

Why you might ask? Because, unfortunately, many of them wind up like this:


I can’t tell you how often I see bags hanging in the trees, flying across the road, or worse, wrapped around an animal.

Now, I will say there are times I have been forced to use the stray plastic bag. I always keep reusable bags in my car, but sometimes I don’t have enough with me or some other odd issue. I will, however, recycle them the next time I head to the store.

So as the weather warms and more quick runs to the store happen on the way to the beach or the lake, throw a couple of reusable or canvas bags in the car and use them instead.



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