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March 7, 2017

For the Love of the Library

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librariesThis morning I decided to head to my local library to do some work. I have enjoyed going to the library since I was a child. I loved the smell of the books and the quiet space. Growing up in Belleville, I would often ride my bike to the library during the summer and stay there for hours. I even remember taking a “certified babysitter” class there. At one point, I even considered going to school for library science. But the call of journalism was too strong.

When I attended Seton Hall University, again, one of my favorite spots on campus was the library. I would find a quiet corner in the stacks to read and do my homework. Last fall I


The entrance of the Seton Hall Library. Source: Seton Hall University

headed back to the campus for Parent’s Weekend, and of course I had to visit the new library. What an amazing place! It is different building from my time as a student, but it is still a wonderful place.

This morning while working I had to stop at one point and look around. I saw a student being tutored in geometry, an elderly gentlemen helping a woman improve her English skills, people using the computers on site, and of course, people taking out books.

There are people who think the library is now passe. It is an unnecessary space that takes up tax dollars that could be used elsewhere. I completely disagree. The library provides a valuable resource for the community. From a child listening to story time, to adults attending a computer class.

So what is my gripe you might ask? That libraries today are undervalued. If you haven’t visited your local library lately, I encourage you to do so.

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