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January 25, 2011

Legislating to Protect Against Stupidity

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We’ve all heard about laws to protect people from their own stupidity. The latest is to actually ticket people who talk, text or listen to devices via headphones while walking. Yes, you read right…while walking.

This discussion has come to the forefront in light of the recent video that went viral when a woman fell into a mall fountain because she was texting and not paying attention to where she was going. She is threatening to sue, by the way. Not sure what exactly her lawsuit would be based on, since it was her own fault.

Now, I have been known to walk and read at the same time. How can I do these two tasks at once you may ask? I’m not an idiot. I can actually do two things at once.

There are also proposed laws around the county to prevent people from smoking on the street and selling food made with trans fats. My personal favorite is one that I heard just this morning. A father (and doctor) is on a one-man crusade to make bath salts illegal because his son sniffed them to get high and died. While I am sorry for this man’s loss, should people not be able to have a relaxing bath that includes bath salts because his son tried to use them to get high? From what I understand, people sniff a variety of different things in an attempt to get high, such as glue and inhalants. So should I not be able to finish craft projects or purchase Pam for cooking because little Johnny is looking for a cheap buzz?

Call me cold, but if you need laws like this on the books to protect yourself from, well, yourself, then maybe we should just call it thinning the gene pool and call it a day.

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