I Have a Gripe

December 20, 2010

Unemployment “Fraud”

OK, in the interest of full disclosure, I am currently unemployed. I have been looking for a new opportunity for several months now. Out of the hundreds of resumes, emails and job applications I have sent out, I have had a handful of interviews and no job…yet.

Now just last week, Congress extended unemployment benefits again. I will say I do believe there needs to be an end to unemployment. People can’t expect to be on it forever. I do, however, resent the implications from many that those on unemployment are lazy and would rather sit home watching television than find a job. People are talking about “fraud” in unemployment as if it is a wide-spread epidemic.

Let’s face it; unemployment barely covers the basics. On average, many on unemployment receive about $300 a week. That is hardly an incentive to hang home. I know of many individuals who are unemployed and hate having to collect their unemployment benefit. And I say benefit, not entitlement, because we as taxpayers actually pay into the program while we were employed.

Is there fraud in unemployment? I wouldn’t doubt it. However, I would believe this is a fairly small number. What I would like to know is how much fraud there is in the welfare system or the Social Security system or the Medicaid system? Where is the outrage there? And welfare and Medicaid,  my friends, are entitlements.

Many of us are looking for that “Christmas miracle,” which is a new job. I am hopeful that things will loosen up in January when 2011 budgets at companies are opened and now that the tax questions have been settled.

So instead of bad mouthing those who are unemployed, I ask that you pray for them to get the job they so desperately want.

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