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February 2, 2011

Shame on you President Hosni Mubarak

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I have watched the protests in Egypt of the last week with both hope and sadness. Today, I feel disgust.

What President Mubarak doesn’t seem to understand is that he needs to go…NOW. Not in the fall. This is the only thing that will help stabilize Egypt. Today, I watched with horror as so-called “pro Mubarak” protesters magically appeared right when the Internet was turned back on and country-owned media just happened to be on the scene to cover it. How shameful and obvious.

I personally love how many of the Egyptian people are starting neighborhood watches, conducting spot checks, working to protect Egypt’s priceless antiquities and checking in on their elderly neighbors. They are doing the best they can do to keep order in their neighborhoods. This speaks much to their hopes for the future.

Yesterday, Neil Cavuto ended his show with his usual “Common Sense” segment and he wrapped up the issue perfectly. I join the many voices urging President Mubarak to resign for the good of his nation…NOW.

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